About Us


In 1969 Albrecht Matuschka became the Managing Director of Model Portfolio, the nucleus of the Matuschka Group. The Matuschka Group launched its business with the opening of the first office in Munich (Germany) in 1970.


Over the years Matuschka Group organized as a partnership became one of the leading independent fund managers with strong international strategic partners. Matuschka has always been an innovator by developing new financial services.


In 1993 Matuschka took over 100% of the shares of the Group and organized multiple Spin-offs. Numerous of these companies are today significant players in the financial service area.


Matuschka refocuses in the last years on his classical strengths:

Asset allocation / structuring, Corporate Finance, Advisory of growth companies and Issue Management in major issues like Energy, Sustainability, Traffic, Environment, Health, IT-Telecom etc.